Pääsiäisleiri Slussforsissä

Now it’s finally time to register for this year’s Easter camp in Slussfors! The program
is filled with exciting things such as snowmobile rides, skiing, fantastic mountain
views, fun snow activities, good food, great fellowship, uplifting music and spiritual
Date: Wednesday evening 5/4 to Tuesday morning 11/4
Place: Slussfors
Speaker: Kornelius Novak
Accommodation: Slussfors school’s sports hall, mattresses are available. (Facilities:
Food: Good vegetarian food! 🙂
Registration before: Sunday 26/3
Pictures, films and other info:
Easter camp 2023 | Facebook
Speaker and theme
Kornelius is married to Christina and they live with their children in Gafsele near
Åsele, which is relatively close to Slussfors. Besides being a pastor and a youth
leader, Kornelius is also the founder of Chris tian motorcycle club, knows as ” Holy
Riders ” in Germany. He has travelled around Europe with Holy Riders, sharing his
faith with other people. Additionally, Kornelius has a passion to work with drug
preventive programs. He is an inspirational speaker who has a vivid relantioship with
God. Kornelius has many exciting stories where God clearly helped him through,
which has changed his and other people’s lives.
Standard price SEK 1,700
First time discount: SEK 400
Own scooter discount: SEK 300
Children 0 5 years free
Children 6 12 years half price
Rent slalom skis and boots SEK 100/day, SEK 200 for the whole camp.
First time discount
We have a discount for those who come to the camp for the first time and also for you who bid with a first-time participant. You both get a SEK 400 discount.
Age limit
Recommended age limit is 16 years as the activities are planned for older young
people. Participants under 16 should be accompanied during the activities by
someone over 18.
You can register here: Registration Easter camp 2023 (google.com)
The payment must be made to bank giro 629 6016 and marked with ”Easter” + ”two
letters from your first name” + ”two letters from your last name”. For example, if
your name is Karl Johansson, you write ” EasterKaJo ” in the message field.
Please note that the registration only becomes valid when the payment has been
made (Exceptions to this are made for people from countries other than Sweden
they can pay by card on site)

If you have questions, just send a message here: Paskälger Slussfors | Slussfors |
or to contact Victor Rocha : + 46737632837 or Nadine Dekkerhus:

Common questions
Where is the accommodation?
Most people sleep in a school, but there is also the possibility of staying in the
church if you have special reasons.
Is there an ATM in Slussfors?
No, but during the camp it is possible to pay by card.
Is there a grocery store and gas station in Slussfors?
Yes, there is 😉 !
What do I need to bring with me?
• Warm clothes for the scooter tours. (We recommend at least three layers on
both upper and lower body and proper shoes! No gym shoes or similar.)
• Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow
• Lunch box, thermos
• Skis and/or snowboard and helmet
• Bible
• Swimwear can possibly be good to have

Can you come if you are under 1 6?
Yes, if you are accompanied by someone over the age of 18 who is willing to be
responsible for you.
What kind of food is offered?
The chefs during the camp offer good vegetarian food.
How do you travel to Slussfors?
: Fill the car with all your nicest friends. Start the road trip by starting the car,
enter Slussfors on the GPS and count on a whole day by car. Secure the trip with
good music and some good food!
Electric car: There are charging stations all the way from Oslo or Stockholm to
Slussfors. There is a charging station in Slussfors. If you come from the north make
sure to check the availbility of charging stations on your route.
Flight: The nearest airports are Hemavan and Vilhelmina 1 2h from Slussfors. It may
be possible to be picked up at the airport if you contact us in advance. You can also
fly to Umeå and take a bus straight to Slussfors (check www.sj.se). There are also
other possibilities but these are just a few to help you get started with your search.
Ferry: Tidtabell – Wasaline
Train/bus: It depends well you’re coming from. Travelling from the South the easiest
way is to go by train to Umeå and then take a bus to Slussfors.